Irish Artist
working in County Mayo.

"Lovers of art and those who appreciate individualism will enjoy the work of Pat Tracey. His innovative works have been described as provocative, compelling, quirky and distinct. His painting hang in several locations in England, France the USA and also across Ireland. Many
of Mayo's well-known hostelries also have his work on display"


Pastels and Pencil

Documentary video


Pat Tracey Cartoons


You can view some samples of Pat Tracey's work by clicking on any of the numbers below

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“The art of Irish Artist Pat Tracey is indesscribable as its possibillities are infinite. Upon a recent visit to his studio this reporters imagination ran away with itself, mesmerised by the compellingnature of his highly diverse work. This is far from the art one would normally be accostomed to.It was edgy, daring, laden with possible allusions and dripping with the broadest spectrums ofemotions. Each picture throws up pathos, humour,a sinister side, happiness, love, mystery,relaxation, tension, loss, curiousity, innocence and yet an intense knowing."

Ruth Feeley - The Western People